Entry #1

Straight or Gay?

2016-05-24 00:27:13 by Sqoon

Would you say Newgrounds likes more straight stuff? I see a correlation to more straight stuff on here. 

Less furry, and more straight stuff, I'm gonna assume alot like here, so would that be something people are willing to see on here?

If so I can stick to mostly straight stuff.


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2016-05-24 09:37:21

Howdy Sqoon,
And welcome to Newgrounds.com Also welcome to the Art Portal.
I see your stuff all the time on Tumblr.com and this is just me and my opinion but I feel comfortable with whatever youd like to post in all honesty Straight/ Gay doesn't matter to me I generally tend to like what you do and what you create.

That being said it is nice to see you on here and hope to see more from you within the coming days :D no rush though by all means take your time and enjoy your stay here.

Also! Thank you for being an inspiration :D

keep up the amazing work Sqoon!
have an amazing day!

Sqoon responds:

Ah well alrighty! Thank you so much for the kind words~ c:


2016-05-24 15:58:39

Remember the slogan buddy, Newgrounds! Everything by everyone. Do whacha want, your fanbase will grow you just need to keep making content.

Sqoon responds:

Well alrighty~


2016-05-24 20:47:46

Well, I personally am straight but I like all your art, Whether it is gay or straight, I really love your art style, It's unique and looks great :D

Sqoon responds:

Thank ya much for the kind words~ c:


2016-05-25 20:52:10

I personally life straight stuff but other people have preferences honestly. I like your art, I admire the NSFW on Newgrounds whether it be furry or human.


2016-05-29 17:33:15

i enjoy your work keep it up

Sqoon responds:

Thank ya much, I will~


2016-08-18 19:35:20

Everyone on Newgrounds is a fucking FAGGOT.


2016-08-18 21:09:00

Here at Newgrounds, we like tits, dicks, and robots hahahah!


2016-09-18 19:46:15

im straight but.. tbh i like the gay stuff too, and would actually be kinda sad if you didnt do gay stuff anymore, cause i think an artist should do what that want!